Friday, September 11, 2009

Glenn Beck - Smarter Than the Average Bear

Ok, I have to admit I didn't see this coming.

Nother Update: The strategy is actually Breitbart's.

Yesterday, Andrew Breitbart & Glenn Beck coordinated the debut of James O'Keefe's hidden camera expose of the corruption at an ACORN office in Baltimore. What they basically did was go in to get help disguising his girlfriend's (posing as a prostitute) income so that they could file taxes and show legitimate income so they could buy a house... and got further advice about how claiming underage illegal alien prostitutes as dependents would help them on their taxes.

So they release this "bomb" on the air, and my first reaction was that ACORN would claim it was an isolated, non-typical event by a couple of rogue officers... who would be fired and that would be that.

Outside of Fox, the mainstream media didn't touch the story, which Glenn expected. It fits a well known pattern.

What I predicted and what I now pretty much know Beck & Breitbart expected happened. The two women at the Baltimore office were fired. Rougue workers. Nothing to see here. We took care of it. Move along.

What I didn't know, and Beck & Breitbart didn't let on, was that they were holding on to a second video tape, basically the same scenario -- in a Washington DC ACORN office. Which they released today, after ACORN did it's little bullett dodge.

This is a game of journalistic chess. Glenn may be over-dramatic at times, but he's apparently way, WAY smarter than people give him credit for. This is a brilliant move both against ACORN and the Mainstream media. To ACORN, it's "Oh really? Then what about this?"

And to the rest of the media, it's "ok, are you going to ignore this one, too?"

If they have a third tape .... oh man. Update: There is.

Incidentally .... this tactic seems to be working: Did you see Crowder Undercover?

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