Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Hate Speech™" Throwdown

I've had it past my eyballs with this "Hate Speech™" stuff.

How do people get away with being taken seriously slinging labels around like this without backing them up with facts? You know, reality?

Here's Joy Behar nodding in agreement with Bette Midler as Bette tells us that Glenn Beck engages in Hate Speech and is going to turn us into Rwanda with us killing each other like Tutsis and Hutus.

First, I want to know why anyone is seriously listening to either of these people for insight on the political scene.

As I left in the comments -- I always want to ask these people, tell me something Glenn Beck has said that is “hate speech” — and it has to be in context. No “Michael Moore-ing” it.

Just once on one of these shows. Just once. What has he said that is hateful, and what is hateful about it? A real journalist would ask that question. Anyone? Bueller?

Seriously, liberals, this is a throwdown. I want to know. Back it up! Tell me something hateful he's said and explain to me what is hateful about it. Or shut your pie holes.

Let me expound a little bit ... on her talking about Free Speech is great, but ... then goes on to, and I don't know how else you can interpret this ... goes on to say that it should be reserved for "educated" people.

And they wonder why we call them elitists.

Now I could get my pocket Constitution out again and go look for the "educated" clause of the first amendment, but I'm thinkin' I'm not gonna find it.

The other thing is the "fear mongering". We conservatives get accused all the time of "fear mongering", which is shut-uppery -- it is meant to pre-empt discussion. But Bette isn't fear mongering here about Tutsi-Hutu wars here in the US caused by Glenn Beck, no, huh-uh. She's edumacated.

Hey, let's check on that. Voted "most talkative" in her High School's "HOSS" election in 1961 (a Hawiian thing -- I guess seniors vote on it). After graduating high school in 1963, three semesters majoring in drama at the University of Hawaii before dropping out. What the hell is she doing "free speaking" on national TV? Doesn't she know that right guarantee doesn't apply to her?

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