Monday, September 21, 2009

The Spooky, Scary Rhetoric

That made Pelosi cry.... reminding her of violence in the late 70's.

What is it? That Democrat Dan White who killed the Mayor and prominent gay Supervisor in San Fransisco and got off on the infamous Twinkie Defense (which was certainly not enabled by conservative philosophy...)?

Or was that communist dude who had been a very active Democrat who ended up killing 900 of his cult followers in Georgetown, Guyana by making them drink cyanide-laced koolaid?

Why is it that most assasinations and mass murders (on very grand scales) are carried out by leftists?

I've left comments on "The Nation"'s website ... waded into the cesspool of lefty-ism to leave a nugget of sanity ... give the ole Clue Bat a swing or two. And I had to register, ergo, I'm on their mailing list. I'm on several liberal mailing lists for the same reason.

Got one today, looking for me to donate. In it, I saw this:

Just days ago, Glenn Beck led the astro-turf 9-12-09 "Taxpayer March on DC." Compared to the millions who have marched for civil rights, equal rights, and gay rights, and against the war, Beck's 70,000 would be small stuff -- except for the tens of thousands waving Confederate flags, anti-gay hate signs, and shouting "White Power!"

If there were any at all, there were more like tens. And as I've said before, the number of protestors was much closer to 1,000,000.

So I replied to the email saying to their donation request -- not if you're going to lie like that.

And then I ran across this article, "Who Is Barack Obama? And wy do people say such loopy, ugly things about him?"

As the author painted the Tea Party crowd as nuts and crazies and decried the "ugly" things, such as putting Obama's head on a witch doctor body to call his plan "voodoo health care" or signs with his face in a Hitler mustache ... pretending that this is unprecedented, that it has never happened before -- and it's all because he's black ... I submit the following reminder:

Click for larger size.

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