Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crowder at Berkley

Stephen Crowder, the Jeff Corwin of Conservatism, goes to Berkley.

My favorite part was, while Abraham Lincoln seemed to be the hands-down winner for favorite president (frankly, I'm stunned they didn't say "Obama") the young lady they asked what party he was in said ...

Um, back then I believe he was a Republican. ... but ... that was, nominally a Republican.

Because, you know, everybody knows the Republicans are the party of racism. Hey, man, my professors say so. I don't know how they slipped that one by, bra. It's like, she happens to know the fact, but it seems like an abstraction to her. She practically refuses to actually believe it could possibly be true.

Update: While you're there, check out Klavan's "Talking Crap". These are from PJTV, which again, I highly recommend daily visits.

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