Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Fourth ACORN Tape

San Bernadino.

Oh my. "We say we're non-partisan". Not, "we are non-partisan."

Still listening.


Ok, same basic premise. Politician/pimp. Prostitute girlfriend, running from a mean old pimp, trying to get started with a house in San Bernadio... 15 12 to 15 year old girls coming in from El Salvador to work as prostitutes....

This lady says that she's not your typical ACORN employee (although ... after the other three tapes and all of the voter registration fraud ... one has to wonder) and her supervisor would shoot it down, but on the other hand she's not sure her supervisor doesn't "do this on the side".

And then go on to tell about how she shot and killed her husband after laying the groundwork to make sure her defense of abuse would be backed up....

Now ... you know... I don't mind a woman killing an abusive husband in self defense if she can't get away from him safely. But listening to this woman, her story ... with the "laying the groundwork" comment and how matter of fact and proud she seemed of it all ... ya gotta wonder. If she truly feared for her life, I'll back her on it. The story she told sounded more like she provoked him into the final fight where she shot him ... after "laying the groundwork". Hmmmm.

She also names Politicians ACORN is working with to .... lobby for health care. You know, a non-partisan housing "Community Organizer" group.

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