Friday, August 28, 2009

Steven Crowder Goes Undercover

(Incidentally, I encourage you to check out PJTV. They do good work.)

Wait … wha? WHHAAAA??? Salary starts at $33,400???? For a “Grass Roots” worker???? With vacation and sick leave????? And I’m “Astroturf”? I had to take vacation time off work to go to our Tea Party, which I got paid nothing for, and went our of my own convictions an volition. I’d never even been to any protest of anything before.

Never mind the rest of the crap she spewed. Blatant HYPOCRISY, and proud and unabashed about it.

I am stunned. It was bad enough when I thought maybe they paid some people a few bucks to go to one of these things.

And I would still like to see the evidence that ANY oil company or pharmaceutical company or what have you paid ANYBODY to any of the Tea Partiers or Town Hall protestors. Just vague but sweeping accusations. That’s all I’ve heard.

$33,400 … Really??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am steamed.

Thanks, Morgan ... for steaming me.

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