Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Evolution of Tactics

First, they, the annointed, thought that everyone, of course, would go for massive government expansion as a solution to our economic woes.

Then the Tea Parties Started.

  • Their first counter-tactic was to ignore with the occasional mocking.
  • The second was to attempt marginalize.
  • The third is intimidation, Chicago style.
    • Well at least "ignore" isn't working anymore. The others continue.

      Found the graphic below linked from the home of St. Louis Talk Radio Host Dana Loesch (who is going to be my new poster girl for the Tea Party Movement. I mean, wow!)

      Check out her speech
      at the St. Louis Tea Party.

      The graphic speaks volumes.

      It came with some good Tea Party/Town Hall advice:
      • Do not engage supporters of socialized medicine–they come to strike, not to speak
      • Do not offer to shake hands, as they’ve been trained to charge us with assault for handshaking
      • Do not look them the eye, as they will take this as a challenge (we don't like this one)
      • Do not respond to their taunts
      • Do not comment on their attire, attitudes, or words
      • Do NOT raise your voice–volume or pitch
      • Do NOT raise your hand–except to deflect and incoming blow
      • Do NOT retaliate to provocation or attack–others will come to your aid
      • Do talk about the substance of this hideous legislation
      • Do decry the White House and DNC attempts to quash free speech with violence and threats
      • Do demonstrate your disgust with White House, DNC, and SEIU campaigns against the First Amendment

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