Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We're gonna break out the hats & hooters.

We broke 1,000 for the month today on our humble blog that truly nobody reads (as opposed to the original, which a lot of people read now). Not that you're nobody. About 10 after 2 this afternoon. Well that's a big thing for me. 1,000 hits in one month, and it isn't over quite yet. A record month here in the Clue Batting Cage.

No, that's not 1,000 hits today. It's this month. We're closing in on 18,000 ... like, "ever", since I put this stat counter thingy on it a few years ago. Can't remember how many. But it was definitely before the mid-term elections.

At any rate, I've also pumped out a record number of posts this month for me. Gotta wonder... coincidence?

Well, I started this thing mostly as a place for me to collect my thoughts and shout out into the emptiness to get things off my chest. Nice to know there are people out there getting something out of it besides me.

Thanks for dropping by. Not that you're nobody.
Well your nobody called today
She hung up when I asked her name
Well I wonder -- does she think she's bein' clever?
You say nobody's after you
Fact is, what you're sayin' is true
But you can read me like nobody can
Even better

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