Thursday, August 13, 2009

Free Enterprise Health Care Solution

Ok... so I hear the argument, the proposal that the Public Option will truly compete with the insurance companies, running off of NO taxes (so what, again, are the payroll and penalty taxes in the plan for?) -- collecting premiums just like other insurance companies (and again we are to ignore the conflict of interest in that the entity that makes the rules and enforces them is "competing" now with the private sector) ...

So. All these wealthy Progressives (George Soros, are you listening? Pelosi? Any other well-meaning rich Progressives who want to get involved?) could, theoretically, get together and start up a separate company that does the same thing. And, since, after all, the insurance companies are gouging the rest of us, they ought to be able make a small profit even with drastically lower rates, correct? Of course, being the truly charitable people they are, they should work for no profit at all, but that's beside the point.

Now... what is the difference between that and a Public Option, the way it's being sold as a true competitor to, as they say, "level the playing field"?

Well for one thing, this company would have to play by the same rules everybody else does, and if it doesn't like the rules it can't change them or selectively enforce them. That's a plus. A big plus.

The other thing? Oh, the evil profit motive would be removed, then, presumably from this new charitable private option for the unwashed masses.

But we want to cut costs, right? We're all gonna save money.

Tell me, what is the effective difference, in the end, between the profit motive and the cost-cutting motive? To make more money or to lose less money ... it amounts to screwing the customer in the end ... unless the customer can find someone who will screw him less. And make no mistake ... Obama and the rest of the Progressives want a single payer system, no matter what Barack Obama says now to sell you this big foot in the door.

In the end, just a "public option" can't be the the long-term plan. Very tight government regulation of the entire medical industry(ies) in the end is a part of the plan. It goes beyond insurance.

Nah. Couldn't be. That's obviously "misinformation". Got news for ya. To the Left, "misinformation" is anything that doesn't jive with The Vision.

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