Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Analogy Fail

Ok. I'm the President. This is my Health Care Plan. I need to go out and calm the waters, smooth the feathers, get the facts out. Tell everybody why my plan really is a good idea. If I could just find an example of where we have a government entity that is in competition with private enterprise ... I know ... The Post Office!!!

"I think private insurance should be able to compete. They do it all the time. I mean ... ih .. ih ...ih " [oh qurap, going off Teleprompter now, look out!] "If you think about ... if you if you think about it ... uh ... you know, UPS and Fed Ex are doing just fine ... right? They, uh ... no, they are! "
Ah, made my point. Good. Next question? But no .....
"It's it's the Post office that's always having problems."
Oooooooh .... might have left that part out.

I believe UPS and FedEx sprang up to compete with the post office because the post office couldn't or wouldn't provide fast, reliable services that were in demand.

Obama himself has said more than once that he wants a single payer system, even though yesterday he has "never said" that. But I've seen the video tape. I don't think there was ever a push by the government to go to a single "carrier" for packages and documents.

But government health care in other countries has discouraged or outlawed private alternatives. He's lying when he says he isn't trying to get us there.

Thank God for this latest FAIL of his.

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