Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is One of Those Funky Times

As bad as things may look right now for the future of America as designed at the hands of those currently in charge in Washington, do not dispair. During this time of cultural upheaval and virtual culture war, it is no time to keep quiet. As I've said before, make your progressive friends question their assumptions if only by politely but firmly letting them know that you do not share them.

Quoth Undercover Brother:
"There's times for fallin' apart, and there's times for gettin' funky. This is one of those funky times."
The battle is for the hearts and minds of those going with the self-described progressive flow ... in order to reverse the flow. Change their minds (and it won't be overnight) and they'll help you change who gets sent to Washington and with what mandate.

Many are doing this at the Tea Parties and Town Halls right now. And it's working. It needs to keep working, which means we need to remain diligent in our daily lives. They wish to re-make society in their image from the top down. We wish for society to re-discover itself and re-make itself from the bottom up.

Hope and change, man, hope and change. ;-)

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