Monday, August 03, 2009

What a Difference a Party Makes

It seems that when a Republican is in office, any economic indicator that doesn't expand up to expectations is a sign of doom and dispair, and "proof" that supply-side economics doesn't work.

But now that the economy has slowed it's rate of fall, since we have a Democrat, and not just any Democrat, but "Teh Democrat Savior" it's being trumpeted as the end of the recession, Obama avoided Armageddon, it's all uphill from here..... and maybe it is, I hope it is. But they're afraid it's going to "take too long" and that people won't appreciate what the Messiah has done for them.

Let's just remember that even if we had a marsupial in the White House, any recession will bottom out and the economy will grow. Recessions are market corrections. How do we know the Market wouldn't have been done correcting back in March if we hadn't printed up a metric sh*t ton of money to "rescue" it? And how do we know this isn't just a temporary slowdown in a very long recession?

Eh... we don't.

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