Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama/Hitler Signs Traced to LaRouchePAC

Hardly the RNC or "Right Wing". And not surprising, either. It's long come naturally to the Left to casually sling the Nazi label around ... er ... liberally.

Oddly, swastikas and Hitler signs were conspicuously absent from these things UNTIL Pelosi said they were there.

Possibly to prime people to start looking for them ... and suggesting to Obamacare supporters to plant themselves (known apparently as "watering the plants") to further discredit the Moms and Vetrans and computer programmers like me who are going to these things?

Sadly, we do have the Alex Joneses on our side that we have to distance ourselves from, and it does feel a bit icky to have the LaRouchies milling about among us. Although they mill about the Democrats as well, as Lyndon has historically been a Democrat. They are actually leftists who feel Obama is selling them out on more radical, far reaching Public Health Care. Apparently Obama is not Fascistic enough for the LaRouchies.

Obama wants this to lead to where the LaRouchies want it to lead. Obama's just more patient than they are, and more likely to succeed with his approach.

Big hattip to theblogprof ... and please go check out the entire post. There's more.

Also @newsbusters.

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