Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Have Some Questions About Real Astroturfing

This morning on the news I saw footage from a couple of Town Hall meetings, this time with signs mostly calling for a "Public Option" surrounding the speaker and the cameras.

What? Suddenly the crowds all want the Public "Option"?

And then ... I remembered that in at least 3 town hall meetings, there were charges that ACORN and SEIU activists were being let in early to take the front of the room. In one case, a man who said he got in with the SEIU people because they assumed he was one of them and actually heard coaching to this effect. Surround the stage, & shout down anyone who speaks against the plan. Dana Loesch of St. Louis said she found a way in to the Hillsborough, MO town hall early, and again it was assumed that she was one of "them" because she WAS in early ... and she was candidly told by one of the early birds that they bussed in from ... Kentucky. To a Missouri "Town Hall" meeting.

Which leads one to wonder ... it appears to me that the Community Organizer Professionals were asleep at the wheel on this in the beginning, and the response by actual grass-roots Americans took them by surprise. But now they have scrambled the troops and have taken the Town Halls back from the people.

Am I crazy?

Well ... watch this and see if you still think I am. Or if you're more convinced I'm not.

A Texas Obama Delegate and "Community Organizer" shows up to a Texas Democrat's Town Hall and poses as a doctor (which she's not) ... to make a plea for the President's plan on behalf of family practitioners (which again,she's not). That ... is Astro Turf, from the professionals.

Then, of course, you have Dr. Brian Hill accused by his Congressman of not being from his district. He is.

Congressman Scott gets all self-righteous, strongly insinuating that he's a plant from outside his district, and that Dr. Hill should've called his office (which Dr. Hill says he did, several times, and was told no, Rep Scott would not have a meeting on Health Care) to set up a meeting on health care (which this wasn't, but it was opened up to general questions at the end when Dr. Hill asked his question) ... instead of "hijacking" this town hall meeting set up by people who had called his office to set it up.

I smell something fishy. Where do I report it?

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