Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Litmus Test

I like it.
If I was President, any time a bill landed on my desk I would randomly pick one Congress member who voted for it, call that member into my office and ask him or her to explain the details of the bill to me. IF the member couldn’t do it, I’d veto it.
Update 10.26/2011:  That came, apparently, from TrogloPundit, Lance Burri's blog -- from guest blogger Mister Pterodactyl.   I likely unceremoniously snagged the link from Morgan's blog and didn't even really see TrogloPundit... because if I had I would have remembered it.  He has an awesome banner.

And that's too bad (that I didn't see it) because he had something nice to say about me.

He didn’t link to me, exactly. He linked to something Grandpa Steve Mister Pterodactyl posted while I was gone last week. So I don’t know if that counts.

On the other hand, his blog does have a great name, which is really the most important thing about blogging. Wisdom of that kind should be rewarded.
Yours truly struggled a bit when I renamed the blog from "philmon" to the current name, thinking the new name sounded a bit too cocky.  But blog brother Morgan assured me it wasn't, and said he liked it.  Truthfully, I liked it, too -- it's exactly what I felt like doing, and reflects the inspiration behind my starting the blog in the first place.  Yelling at NPR in the car, talking back to CNN, and muttering things under my breath in response to dumb sh*t progressive family and friends said.   I felt like I needed to get out there and start swinging a Clue Bat around -- albiet mostly for batting PRACTICE, which I sorely needed.  I still need it, but not as badly.  It has helped me tremendously.... and now instead of 40 hits a month, I'm up to around 1,500 to 1,700 (this month it has hit 2,300, but 500 of those were in one day.  I'm guessing on my 53% post.

But philmon thanks TrogloPundit for the kind words, and will link him under "friends of this blog" and check his out for a while.  It looks pretty good from here.

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