Friday, August 14, 2009

The "W" Defense

Tack A: "But George W. Bush did it and I didn't hear you complaining then!"

Tack B: "But George W. Bush left this big mess to clean up. I can try anything I want and you can't blame me if I fail."

As far as "A" goes, the fact of the matter is they (Progressives) don't hear anything they disagree with, and if we happen to agree with them on something, they assume we are a part of they.

They think that GWB's low approval ratings meant that everyone had become Progressives. The fact of the matter is, GWB showed himself to be more progressive than much of his base cared for. If we criticized GWB, it didn't fit in with the narrative that all conservatives are Republican Parroting "goose steppers", so that evidence to the contrary was ignored.

And as far as "B" goes ... "Yes We Can" only gets you to the starting line. If you bring all of your failed baggage of assumptions with you and run with it, you won't get far before you fail.

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