Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Gun! A Gun!

UPDATE: See below.
SECOND UPDATE ... below as well.

Well, it didn't really help our cause any, but a guy (one William Kostric) in the crowd, apparently an anti-Obamacare protester -- was legally open-carrying outside on a nearby church ground where he had permission to be, and of course at least the folks at MSNBC went ape. This was a couple of hours before Obama showed up, and I'm sure his gun was not present by the time Obama got there.

Never mind the fact that 90 dishonest criminals could have been carrying concealed -- no, this one guy open-carrying -- he's the bad guy.

As I understand it, Obama spoke in a school, where it would be illegal for him to carry the gun concealed or unconcealed.

I realize that the gun helped make the point on his sign, but the message that got out was unfortunately counter-productive.

While I defend and vigorously support his right to do it, this is really, really bad timing. The Administration, the DNC, and the Media (but I repeat myself) are going out of their way to paint us, We, the People who don't want to go down this road to Socialized Health Care and gigantic government .... as nuts. We're not, with guns or without them.

Let me just add that if anybody goes out there and shoots anybody at one of these things (not countering an immediate threat to life or limb - in other words, illegally), much less the President of the United States ... I'm gonna be really pissed.

UPDATE: Ok, there was a real numbnut there as well (one Richard Terry Young) who apparently took his inside the school. Bad, illegal move.
UPDATE 2: Geez, you can't trust professional journalists to get even the basic facts checked out -- It turns out Richard Terry Young was only inside the venue with a pocket knife, which led to the search of his car, and he had an unregistered loaded gun in his car. Again, the gun was never inside, and I doubt there was intent to bring the gun inside -- as a matter of fact, I'll bet the guy was wishing he'd thought to leave his pocket knife in the car as well.

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