Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Can't Do That

Heard a local story on the radio this morning, headlined "no matter how mad you are, you can't do that."

The story was about a guy who went next door to a neighbor's house to complain about noise and he brought a shotgun. And he was arrested. That's all the information given.

Now ... at first "glance" ... one might agree. But ... think about it. I've had neighbors who were noisy, and I later (after they moved out) found out they were drug dealers. Now, suppose I wanted to go next door and ask them to please be quiet, and they pulled a gun on me? Or a crowbar?

If I take the gun, and carry it casually, pointing at the ground or over my shoulder ... really shouldn't be against the law. My right to keep and bear arms is at least half about my own self preservation.

Now me, it would've been a hand gun and it would've been concealed unless something came of it threatening life or limb. But ... what about the poor schlub who only has a shotgun?

UPDATE: New details. Reports say he was "waving the gun" "in a threatening manner". And they're right. You can't do that -- unless you (or someone you wish to protect) have been threatened.

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