Thursday, August 13, 2009

Palin Responds to Obama et. al. on "Death Panels"

Sarah Palin has an articulate response to the Democrats' flip dismissal of concerns that would surely be raised and screeched about at length if anyone but the Democrats were proposing them.

The Progressives have completely taken over the Democratic party. The Progressive movement has a history of promoting and even practicing eugenics, and seem to be bent ... removing peoples' religious morals from society and replacing them with "Science Based" and State morals, making the state the official state religion. Science is a great TOOL for informing moral decsions, but those decisions and discussions about them are best left up to ourselves and our families. Science itself is has no morals. It can also be used to put forward a moral-free view of a situation and sell it.

Everyone knows this bill is just a foot in the door to a path to Single-Payer Government health care. Our concerns are entirely justified, even if this bill does not explicity authorize the behavior we fear. Never mind the inherent conflict of interest when a competitor also makes and enforces the rules.

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