Friday, July 30, 2010

Brush With Greatness

Not me, mind you. But my best friend works in Radio.   In Kansas City.   Where Glenn Beck was broadcasting from today.

So he went and got the copy of Arguing with Idiots I got him signed.  Got to shake his hand. 
"Very cordial, soft spoken, very nice."
I'm not surprised.

My buddy's met and had pictures with lots of rock stars.  One who I'm even a big fan of (John Hiatt -- oddly, he doesn't remember that one).  Plus thanks to him I've seen the Rolling Stones, David Lindley, and Jackson Browne.

I know.  Glenn's not a Rock star.  Actually that's kind of a funny mental picture :-D

There are some perks to being in radio.

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tim said...

Very cool.