Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the Sherrod Saga

The point of Breitbart's article was that the Racism charge is so volitile, so damning, that it becomes a guilty-until-proven-innocent charge.  And and if you are white and on the right, no amount of evidence to the contrary will ever be acceptable to the left as proof of innocence. Anything that could possibly be be rationalized through whatever painful contortions -- of any conservative white man is seen as "proof" of the racism the left is certain roils just beneath the surface.

The point is CBC and the NAACP have less evidence of racism in the Tea Parties than this and demand zero tolerance from a group that has no head, is beholden to no leader, to no power structure -- and yet here is a lady speaking at one of their events saying something -- yes, taken out of context like the media takes conservatives out of context -- that no amount of context could ever exhonorate a white man of had the races been reversed.

Frankly, I think everybody was shocked at the NAACP's and the Obama Administration's reaction from Breitbart to Sherrod to Glenn Beck.  It does reveal that Beck is inside their heads, and they are hypersensitive right now.  But they put themselves in this position.

What else can Tea Partiers do? We know we are not racist, and yet every day in the media the drumbeat continues, and something is driving that drumbeat. What we saw in the JournOList emails the other day gives us a glimpse into at least part of what's driving that -- agenda-driven journalism without regard to the truth. "Call 'em racist, we don't care if they are or not. That'll keep 'em busy for a while." Heck even Mary Frances Barry underscored that point the other day.

The fact of the matter is is that the vast majority of the race baiting is coming from the left, because they've got so many people on their side who are way too into Alinsky. I think people are finally starting to see it. And it is one big reason that the Tea Parties have only gotten bigger rather than fizzle out as especially Democrats had hoped and actively fought for.

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