Thursday, July 08, 2010

This could actually end well

I heard on the radio today that the lawsuit the Obama Administration filed against Arizona is not over any civil rights issue but over jurisdiction.  The Administration is arguing that it's the Feds' job to enforce immigration law.


What happens if they lose?

If they lose, then States are free to pass and enforce their own laws.  Arizona's off the hook, and other states can follow suit (I also heard that one of the Northeastern States ... I think Connecticut [it's Rhode Island - Thanks Mrs. Right!]... already has a similar law -- but nobody's fussing because it's not a border state and it doesn't involve a lucrative large minority block of voters).

If they win ... if they win, then what does that mean for sacntuary cities?  I mean, they have their own laws that run counter to the Federal laws, and if the Fed wins then it is the Fed's job to enforce Federal law over the cities' laws.

So then these cities could be sued over their laws in Federal court.

In the mean time, political hay can be made from the fact that the Administration is selectively enforcing laws depending on whose laws it likes and whose it doesn't.

This is despotism.

On the other hand, if the Administration manages to pass open borders law, then it becomes moot.  :-(

I'm sure this particular administration would love to find a technical way to squeeze that one through over the will of the people.

Which is also despotism.


Mrs. Right said...

Rhode Island. That's the state in the Northeast you were thinking of.

I love your posts, BTW. Keep it up! :)

philmon said...


Yeah, I saw that on the news this morning. I'll make the edit, but leave the wart. :-)