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"I am proud to live in one of the greatest countries in the world", he said eyeing his quaffed PC doo in his virtual moral authority mirror.   "It is important to include 'one of' in that statement", he added, licking a percieved stray hair into place, with a wink and a playful "cluck-chick" noise to accompany the flourish of his imaginary Finger-Pistol of Social Justice™.  He then sat back and waited for the inevitable chorus of kudos over his morally mindful activist rhetoric.
I recently ran into a guy on facebook who appears to be attempting to be a thorn in Dana Loesch's side on her facebook page.  I say attempting to be because his effectiveness falls short of "troll".  His strawmen are too obvious, and often not even on-topic.

I really try to stay away from politics on facebook.  I like to use it to stay in touch with family and friends, and I really don't like having facebook "friends" that I don't really know.   But because my first brush with him resulted in me writing this song, and there is a musical artist we obviously both admire, I for some strange reason accepted his friend request.  

Yeah well that lasted a day.  Back to my "I need to actually know you" policy.

When I wandered on to his profile page with his status updates and posts, I found them filled with the kind of moral preening I ... uh ... expounded on above.

He really wants to "make a difference" and "uplift oppressed people".   Well hell, don't we all?  Some of us like to stick to the confines of the Constitution, though, when it comes to ... "soliciting" others' help in the endeavor.  But I'm sure to this guy, who is openly hostile to Christianity and converting to Judaism (no doubt more to please his girlfriend's parents AND to proudly wear the mantle of non-Christian than out of any deeply held religious convictions) thinks that his vote for Obama constitutes his Confirmation into the Most Holy Religious Order of the Progressive Church.   I think they kinda like it that way.   Small effort, big, shiny trophe.  It's what gets most of the useful idiots in leftist activism into activism.

The thing that really drove home the fact that this guy, at this time, is probably unredeemable, was when I commented on this Progressive Compliment Bait ...
Every time we deport someone who clawed and scratched their way into America just to do the dirty work we don't want to do, we're sending away someome who is probably a remarkable human being.
Well, you know Hitler was a remarkable [remarkably evil] human being as well, so I suppose this could be true any way you look at it.   I gave what I thought was a thoughtful response:
I dunno. People have clawed and hacked their way into peoples homes... banks, stores. We don't tend to send them away if they come through the front door during business hours.

There are lots of people waiting in line to get through the front door. Line jumpers tend to have an unwarranted sense of entitlement, and rewarding it reenforces that sense.

We have people who would do the work, but they can make more sitting at home, and turning a blind eye toward people breaking the law to get here and breaking the law to hire them to indulge employers who are squeezed by minimum wage laws that give them incentive to cheat to compete isn't healthy for our unemployed or for the line jumpers who come to work in the shadows, or ultimately for the rest of us who have to deal with the resultant crime associated with illegal hiring of "undocumented" workers (there's a reason they're "undocumented") and the manufactured crime associated with creating minimum wage laws to begin with (kind of like the crime created by prohibition).
To which one of his friends ranted on "Really? Minimum wage is what is forcing these poor business owners to hire undocumented aliens?" and about GREED and how we should force people to pay a minimum wage because .... all of the typical platitudes followed by an odd twist that suggested that it's cool to look the other way and let employers pay illegal immigrants less than that .... I couldn't really follow. 

To which I gave another (again, I thought) thoughtful response:
Nothing is forcing businesses to do anything of the sort. But minimum wage laws gives them incentive to hire people who will work for less from less tracable sources, like say, "undocumented" workers. This creates demand for them, and there are apparently lots of Mexicans who are willing to break the law to get here to help the businesses break the law by hiring them.

Nobody has the right to force somebody to pay a certain wage. If nobody will work for it, then they'll have to pay a higher wage. If somebody will work for it, that is betwen the employer and the employee.

I feel bad for the small business owner, too. My step-son is one of them. He's struggling mightily to keep his head above water right now while complying with government regulations and looking down the barrel of whatever new health care regulations are coming at him.

Cracking down (a "meanie" word for "enforcing the law") on businesses who hire them is fine by me.

I heard a pretty good idea the other day. Not exactly amnesty ... but basically a grace period to get a legal work permit so at least they're here legally. Then they can apply for citizenship like anyone else, and they can continue to work here legally. But it won't work unless we are serious about it.

"Give us your poor, your tired, your wretched huddled masses" was a challenge to other countries to mimic our system. The worst of yours can make it here -- what does that say about your system? It wasn't a call to send them here so we could take care of them. America wasn't here to "give" them a better life. They could come here and make one for themselves! And they did in droves. They also had to apply for citizenship back then. We didn't just say "hey, everybody, come on in!"

The real problem is that the people "slipping" over the border is that they are breaking the law. If we "slip" over their border, we get thrown in jail. Period.
To which "The Hack" responded:
Phil is in favor of sweat shops. Awesome.
You really can't argue with non-sequitirs.  That's why they use them.

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