Monday, July 05, 2010

What, Indeed, Were They Thinking?

Ran across this article in my RCP readings today from the Chicago Sun Times.
The headlines say, "Blagojevich trial," but the former governor is not the only one who needs to explain himself.

If the latest farcical revelations from the Rod Blagojevich trial tell us anything, it's that the people of Illinois -- that would be us -- twice elected a narcissistic goof of a governor who was all show and no substance.
Empty suit, narcissistic goof , talks a teriffic game, talks about himself, all show, no substance ...

I just found it amazing how much of the article would still make sense if you replaced "Blagojevich" with "Obama".

Even down to the bit about being "stuck" as Governor (or in Barack's case, President).  This is a guy who has moved on from every job he's had so far before he could become a failure -- his meteoric rise was a rise in rising itself, not in actual substance -- and we all know he really wants to run the U.N. before he retires to "King of the World" and then "Savior of the Universe".  ;-)

I mean, who wants to be President of just "one of" the greatest countries in the world?

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