Monday, July 05, 2010

Postscript on "Hack"

Another thing that really stuck out in another conversation in the progressive cesspool I stepped in ... was a friend of his who said ...
Margaret Sanger was a terrible racist- but she fought mightily for women's rights to birth control and for women's health. People have terrible flaws sometimes, but the sum of their existance cannot be defined by this one thing. Sanger was a very flawed individual- but I believe she was more than just a racist (though I abhor that)
I was just ... stop right there.

"____________ was a terrible racist, BUT ..." -- would that the left give the same deference to people with flaws on the right. Doesn't happen. Like, ever.

I've noticed a tendency to be awfully selective as to whom we pick to be the bad guys and whom we will go to great lengths to apologize for when mining history for lessons.

Morgan noticed this too.

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