Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh-oh, Morgan. I may have acted in haste.

But I'm only following the Obama Administration's lead, and after all, they like to lead, don't they?

I'm referring to an earlier post where I gave Morgan Freeberg the Quote of the Week award before the week was over.

And here I find on one of my new favorite blogs (one that I was steered to by Morgan himself several months ago) .... a valiant contender on Dyspepsia Generation.  And it is this:
Those whose goal is to increase the scope of government cannot be trusted to do anything other than increase the scope of government.
I know it is obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be stated.  You know, forest for the trees and all.

It's so beautifully blunt.

I may at least have to call it a tie.

(also in the spirit of modern times.  "Everyone's a winner!!!!"   Well, these two are anyway.)


mkfreeberg said...

I would have to agree that's good enough for a run-off, at the very least.

philmon said...

It seemed to be the week for jumping the gun, what with the NAACP and Obama administration and ole what's her name being forced to resign...

All because of Fox News, you know, which didn't even mention any of it until she'd already resigned..

Tim of Angle said...

I'm just an amateur; Morgan's a professional. I yield to him.