Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Official

I'm goin' t' DC on 8/28 for Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally.   I agree with him that the country needs a solid base of principles to re-build on top of.   Plus I just want to add to the numbers as well as see this thing for myself.  All proceeds beyond the cost of putting the rally on are going to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  Nice touch.

We'll see how this goes.  Bus trip with our local 9/12 group.   Driving all night Friday night, and crashing in Virginia Saturday night before doing an about-face Sunday morning. 

Now I find this truly stunning.

The rally will cost about $2 million.  And Leftist Logic goes thus (according to a few articles I've run across on it, including on HuffPo):

Again, the "logic" goes like this.  Since Glenn Beck isn't funding the whole thing ... he's STEALING money from SOWF.

Not mentioned, or glossed over is that Mr. Beck IS donating $1Million.... but that doesn't seem to matter to these people.  What they're pissed about is that that many people are going to be showing up, and they are people who obviously disagree with the Left.  Only the Left is allowed to put on big shows to raise money, I guess.

So it goes like this.   Imagine I had a huge hospital bill, and people wanted to raise money to help me pay for it.   Someone gets the idea to put on a big show, and after the cost of putting the big show on, the rest of the proceeds would go to pay on my hospital bill.

Day 1, I got nothing.  No show on Day 2, then on Day 3 I got nothing.   But if they put on the show on Day 2 and raise enough to cover the cost of the show + $n, I get $n to pay on my hospital bill, and I'm better off than I was before.  If they don't cover the cost of the show, they lose money, and I still got nothin' (Beck will cover any difference, but the show's already paid for at this time so that's not an issue).  And I 'm no worse off than I was before.

Only the Left could spin this thing in some sort of sinister light.  "He's paying for a Tea Party rally by stealing money from SOWF!!!!"   Er, em... no.

He's having a 9/12 rally, which is about values and principles (and I ask you lefties, are your politics based in values and principles?  So why can't we base our politics on our values and principles?)   Nobody's being coerced to come.  Nobody's being coerced to donate.  Everybody who donates knows that this show is the catalyst for the fundraising, and that it will be paid off first.  It's all strictly voluntary, and I'm shelling out nearly $300 of my own money just to get there and back and spend the night in a hotel.  None of that goes to anybody but gas stations and a hotel.  It's STIMULUS!!!! :-)

So people are voluntarily giving money to put on a show that will benefit SOWF, and the Left is pissed about it because they don't like who is giving the show and who is going to go there for it.

Hey.  He's "raising awareness".   He's "making a difference".   Or is that only justification for whatever Lefties do?  (and they do what they do by actually coercing others to pay for their "charity" through taxes).

Tell me.  Did you get a tax return this year?   WHY ARE YOU STEALING FROM POOR PEOPLE????

------- Update------
You know, as I recall listening to him over the last year or so Glenn started talking about this rally last summer.  A vague idea forming in his head.  Wasn't quite sure what he wanted it to be.   Clearly, it was going to have something to do with ideology.  And I think last November he decided to take it in a different direction.... not an overtly political rally, but one about values and principles.    And as the numbers got crunched he realized it was going to be expensive (I think $600K for security alone).   So he thought, hey, maybe people will help, and decided he was going to solicit donations from people who wanted to help make it happen.  When the response was better than he expected, he realized more might come in than he needed, and he didn't want it to be a money maker for him, so he decided any excess would go to a charity he picked, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.   It wasn't designed from the beginning as a charity, but it  ended up benefiting a charity.  Yes, it is an ideological rally that will also benefit a charity.

As I asked before, is it only ok for the left to have ideological rallies?   Is it ok to give overflow donations to help put it on to a charity?    I'm goin' with "yes" and "yes".  


tim said...

Hey, I’ll see ya’ there…maybe. Work and all that…though my company may be out of business by then…I wish I was kidding.

I might make it behind the stage, meeting all the folks like Marcus Luttrell, Sarah Palin…I have a close family member who is a 9/12 big wig and knows Glenn. Either way, I just hope to be there.

Maybe we could meet each other?

BTW, I wish Glenn wasn’t having this so close to 9/12 since last year’s event was such a success it will surely cut down on attendance for that and . Which the media will no doubt play up, especially since they will intentionally ignore the 8/28 event.

philmon said...

Hey, Tim -- I'm assuming it will be pretty big, and if it's not, it's NOT going to be because I wasn't there. That's my take on it.

Besides, like I said, I think he's got the right idea. Can't restore America by electing "the right" people, we have to restore it by re-educating America and reconnecting it to its principles, and then America will elect "the right" people.

I dunno... momentum. Let too much time lapse and you lose steam. We need the steam. It can't be all about the numbers. Sometimes you do what you gotta do because it's gotta be done, and whoever shows up shows up.

You have my email? Don't want to exchange them in public here ... but ... hey, email and I'll go read it. Then we can exchange cell numbers and try a rendezvous.

tim said...

Sounds good.

philmon said...

Pssst. tim.

I haven't seen an email show up yet. Did you email me yet?