Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hating to Love the Flag

Morgan pointed out this article over at "The Progressive", wherein the editor spouts such things as:
Nationalism is the egg that hatches fascism.

And patriotism is but the father of nationalism.
Well actually, Socialism is the egg that hatches Fascism. Nationalism may be the sperm that fertilizes it.

But when I wave the Flag of the Republic For Which It Stands, I celebrate it because of it's non-statist philosophy encoded in its Constitution -- a far cry from the all of the state, all for the state philosophy of Fascism.

Remember, the whole idea that Fascism/Nazism is "Right Wing" comes from an argument within the Socialist camp itself. National Socialists are "Right Wing" only because they are to the right of Global Socialism. Sort of like "10" is just to one side of "11" on a The Volume Control dial ("but ... it's ELEVEN!!!").

The rest of us don't even figure into the argument. If we're to the right of the Global Socialists, we must be "Right Wing" and therefore Nazis.

Like it or not, Progressives, Fascists and Nazis were Socialists. Nazi was short for the National Socialist German Worker's Party. The Facists were in effect the national socialist Italian workers party. Fascist coming from the latin "fascis" or "bundle" --- it was a collectivist ideal which used nationalism as a tool to transfer all meaningful power to the state. Progressives admired and supported and thought we should emulate Fascism ... and Nazism .... Hitler was admired and Mousilini was practically a hero to Progressive "thinkers" -- here in the United States before we got involved in WWII.

America is different, and for more reasons than we are by definition not statist (though that is the biggest).  There is also no "American" race (unless you want to talk about the natives that were here when the first Europeans made landfall - but the flag wavers are not confined to those people).  There is no defined single culture save a vaguely Judeo/Christian, Old Western European undercurrent of common values distilled by the fire of adventure, individualism, and entrepreneurship.

Our American Flag Wavers do not want more power transferred to the state. For the most part, they want the state to leave them alone. They celebrate a Republic that promises to do that.

Come to think of it, the day our American Progressives pick up the flag again and start waving it, perhaps that WOULD be the time to worry.

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