Thursday, July 29, 2010


So Obama was on "The View".  Eh.  Ho hum, really.   Do I think it was very "Presidential"?   No.  Do I think it's a big deal?  No. It doesn't bug me if a President does something like this every now and again.  This one seems to like the spotlight, for sure.  But we already knew that.

I have so many much deeper and far more serious with this man being President that I think it's a waste of time to do much beyond maybe mentioning it, and I wouldn't be mentioning it, probably, if I hadn't been so irritated by Laura Ingraham in the car this afternoon.

I mean ... Laura's a smart gal.  But I've never been a fan. I like hearing her interviewed, but her radio show just doesn't interest me.  If I happen to get in the car in the middle of the day that's what's on, but half the time I turn her off.  And it really hit me why today when I heard her going on and on and on and on and on about Obama on the View.  Seriously.  It's not a whole lot better than talking about spoiled young actresses going to jail.

It's the nattering.   Sean Hannity is the same way.   I agree with their points, most of the time, but at some point you either have to let the dead horse just be dead or find a new, relevant angle.

Now part of me gets the Alinskiness of it all ...#9, Never let up.  Keep the pressure on.   Great.  But there's plenty of far worse transgressions than the non-transgression of going on The View.  I'll take a vain president whose worldview is more closely aligned with mine and is basically principled and gets the job done.  I don't care how often he or she preens.  But it does get annoying, I understand, when you can't stand the person doing the preening.

So.... enough nattering.   I don't care about Michelle's shoulders.  I don't care that she's going to France.   I don't care that Obama's spending his 49th birthday home alone while she goes to France.   Big, Fat. Hairy.  Deal.   Can we talk about the Fundamental Transformation of America, and the President's world view and his administration's strategies and actions and what it all means -- and how it is at odds with the idea that is America?

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