Friday, February 19, 2010

Transformation = Change = Revolution

Fundamental Transformation
Social & Economic Justice = Redistributive Change =
Redistribution of Wealth = Socialism
My first editing project in Powerdirector.


bigSmartHuman said...

Well done!

Candidate Obama was touted as a professor of constitutional law, but he obviously has little respect for the principles it espouses.

Add that to his continual lying about his true goals (and the lies aren't even plausible!) and we can see that revolution is nearly at hand.

We will win, however, because the socialists have only made this much progress in our society by hiding and lying about their agenda. Now that they are showing their true colors, American citizens reject them and their ideas.

2010 is the watershed year. Knowledge is power.

Thank you for adding to the knowledge base.

Gavin said...

Great work. You're a natual at this. Their true agenda had to come out some time. In full view it is monstrous.

Thanks for putting it in full view.

philmon said...

Thanks. But I assure you, this video is but scratching the surface.