Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where Are They? Where ... Are They????

Keith Olbermann obviously learned his melodramatic style from William Shatner.

I was over (yes, I know, at Morgan's place again.  I know, I hang out there a lot.  Well he has really good pretzels and beer!).  Saw this video (put together by Randy Haddock).  I looked for the orignal Olbermann footage and tacked it on to the beginning and left Randy's video un-touched.  Just for further effect.

I also added another short ... uh, "transition" clip at the subliminal suggestion of Morgan. 

I think it works:


Gavin said...

Nice rebuttal.

philmon said...

Credit for the rebuttal is pretty much all Randy's. I just added the context and, of course .... the "Dramatic Chipmunk" :-)