Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today's Health Care Summit

So, here it is in a nutshell so far.

Democrats:  People are suffering.  Pass this bill!
Republicans:  More people will suffer more if we pass that bill.  Let's start over!
Democrats: But we've got letters here. This bill is their only hope!
Republicans:  The bill sucks, nobody likes it but you!  You've had to bribe people and do sneaky things behind closed doors and blatantly misrepresent the goals to get it this far. Let's start over!
Democrats: Can't we just make one or two little tweaks and then you'll be happy with it? Here's another letter!
Republicans: No. This bill oversteps the role of government by leaps and bounds. Let's start over.
Democrats: But you're being theatrical by bringing out the 2,400 page bill and mentioning it!
Republicans: Things cost money and policies have consequences. There are a lot of things and policies in here! Let's start over!
Democrats: Ooops, we forgot we have to vote on something right now.  No choice, sorry.  We had no idea we were doing this this morning ... either that or  we had no idea you guys wouldn't cave quickly under the lights and cameras. BRB!
That about get it?

Community Organizing is all about bullying, intimidating, and embarrassing your opponents into caving and giving you what you want.  I'm thinkin' it's not workin' here.

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