Monday, February 08, 2010

Clippy on Climategate

As seen on Michael Mann's computer ... this is brilliant!

Via The Smallest Minority, via Borepatch . Too good not to shamelessly snag and re-post here for all 6 of my readers. :-)

Borepatch.  Hmmmm.   That reminds me.  I should go fire some ordinance so I have some guns to clean.  Do they need dusting if they're just in the gun safe?  ;-)


Borepatch said...

You are officially granted dispensation if they're just in the gun safe, but that would make Baby Vulcan cry.


Cylar said...

Well, if you've been to the range recently, then yes, clean any weapon that was used. If you fire corrosive old ammo in old weapons, be sure to use a solvent that will dissolve primer salt compounds. I am told that Windex and water works well.

Even if you haven't gone shooting recently, there is never any harm in simply re-oiling.

Wait, you were asking the question rhetorically, weren't you?

philmon said...

Just lamenting NOT having been to a range or out to the woods with any guns recently.

They NEEEEED to be fired. ;-)