Friday, February 19, 2010

I Am a Tea Partier

Contrary to the narrative ...
  • I have two bachelor's degrees, one in meteorology, the other in computer science
  • I did all the masters classes in meteorology as well
  • I work at a major University
  • My musical tastes run from Telemann to the Grateful Dead, from Sheila Chandra and Tangerine Dream to Alison Krauss and Toby Keith, and Artie Shaw to John Lee Hooker
  • I am not a NASCAR fan
  • I work with immigrants and nationals from many nations from Lebanon to China -- and I like them.  Really.  And the ones from communist countries?  They agree with me on where we're headed.
  • I drive a Ford Escort that gets 36 MPG.  Not a pickup. Or even an SUV.
  • I often ride a bicycle to work.
  • I think drugs should be legalized (though I don't condone their use)
  • I am a conservationist
  • I am an independent libertarian
  • I even have friends who are progressive Democrats
  • They agree with me on lots of actual issues when politics are left out.
I am a Tea Partier.

You can call me whatever you want.  It won't affect my self-image. 

Or... the truth.


tim said...

The funny thing is, the very same people who don’t want to “profile” against scum who potentially kill thousands have no qualms “profiling” people who are merely exercising their Constitutional rights.

Yea, you got to watch out for those Free Speechers who want to assembly…airing grievances against the government…yup, their dangerous, much more than Jihadi’s yessiree.

I know the Founding Fathers would be proud of us and how they would feel about the idiots trying to disparage us. I’ll take the company of patriots any day.

BTW, I didn’t care, nor did I ask, my fellow DC marchers of 9/12/09 what their education was, if the liked NASCAR or what kind of car they drove, I simply didn’t give a rat’s ass. They were there for the same reason I was - we’re not gonn’a take it anymore and we’re gonn’a be heard!

philmon said...


I have nothing against pickup drivers, NASCAR fans, people with less (ahem) "education" than I, SUV drivers ... none of 'em.

Do you love your family? Do they love you? Do you do right by them? How do you treat your friends?

That is all that is important to me in someone's personal life.

They were there for the same reason I was. Awesome.