Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stimulus: Keeping Schools and Fire Stations Open

You've heard the argument.  Hey, if it weren't for the stimulus, well the state budgets would be in trouble.  And as everyone knows, when it comes to what we need to cut first, the American People demand that we cut Teachers and Firefighters and Police first and keep the funding for highway turtle underpasses.

Or, say, giving parents of disabled school children iPods.  Because, you know, the whole system would collapse if we didn't give people iPods.

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tim said...

States, like NY where I live, were/are broke because they spend more than they were/are bringing in. Now with the stimulus they are merely delaying the inevitable task of correcting the imbalance. Taking money from more fiscally responsible states, via loans from China, and redistributing it to states that aren’t doesn’t save jobs, it’s merely forcing people to pay for government employees of states they don’t live in.

What will happen next year or whenever the stimulus money runs out? Reality will bite and some hard decisions that had been delayed will have to be made.

I’m no economist but I am a small business owner who has had to cut expenses over the last year. Let me see the books of NY State, I know I could save millions….and probably save a few jobs in the process.