Monday, February 08, 2010

15 Minutes

Well.  Looks like my 15 minutes of relative fame may be here on account of this post.

After Morgan picked up this post on his blog, Kevin picked it up over at The Smallest Minority -- and my hit counter started going nuts (well, for me anyway).  Now it looks like a few other people have picked it up, such as Rick over at whizbang.

I'm flattered.  Humbled.

And glad.  Because it needs to be said.

These ideas I expressed are not new.  I've learned them various places throughout my life. Some from my own life's experience.  From my dad.  From Ronald Reagan.  Thomas Sowell.  Johah Goldberg.  Ayn Rand.  And lots of others.  But they didn't come up with the ideas on their own, either.

Our founders discussed these concepts at length, which is why we ended up with the Constitution we ended up with.   It's not a "religious" belief I have in our founders.  It's just the more I read about the thought that went into the making of our country, the more impressed I am with their ... dare I say it, since it's such a new-agey word ... holistic thinking.

It was designed to curb the worst in human nature and its abuse of power.  The economic system was designed to harness "greed" -- or the desire to better one's lot in life -- and to re-direct that energy into productivity & innovation that's good for everybody.  The ideas are based on human nature -- which doesn't change.

So thanks, all ye who linked me.  This humble blog is honored.


clay barham said...

I define Rand's beliefs as shown in Howard Roark's jury summation, then I add to that John C Calhouns discourse on government, and I have much of what I need to define America and how it grew so prosperous, as cited in The Changing Face of Democrats on Amazon and Too bad so many in America today rely on Old World philosophers like Rousseau, Robespierre, Marx and Obama.

RickinVa said...

That post was worthy my man... most worthy... hoping lots of folks are exposed to it...