Monday, February 22, 2010

New Version of "Time for Tea"

Whaddaya think of this one?

The wife thought the book in the original looked too modern.  I was on the fence about it and she pushed me to the "yup, too modern" side. So I got an old red book and stenciled the title onto it.  But then I couldn't get the turkey feather to work. Loved the symbolism and color, but it kept blocking things I didn't want blocked, and the highlighting light I neede to make the title show up would have cast too much of a blue tint to only part of it (hey, I'm working with cheap things here ... if you could only see my sorry setup.  The highlighting light is an LED pen light hanging from a thumbtack on the ceiling.)

And there was no way to get the candle AND the feather to work.  So the feather went.

I'm still not completely happy with this.  but I could probably be persuaded that it's good enough to stop trying.

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