Friday, February 12, 2010

Rick Santelli Day Idea

Ok.  For some reason, I thought we were later in the month.  Rick Santelli day is NEXT friday, Feb 19.  Not today.

But last night I came up with an idea -- not a particularly new idea.  It's much like "I am Joe Wurzelbacher" and many others like it.

This one is, "I am a Tea Partier", kind of like "I am Simon Jester", only back in the face of those who snicker and call us "Tea Baggers".  As Breitbart said last weekend, keep walking in to it.  Keep moving forward.  Don't bat an eye.

It is to show America where the Coffee Partiers are wrong, and to show them we are not intimidated by them.

Go read that "I am Simon Jester" post.    If you agree with most of it... 80% or more ... You are a Tea Partier, whether you've been to one or not.

Write up a post, if you're a blogger, or make a YouTube video entitled, "I am a Tea Partier".  The content should be a bullet list of things about you that defy the stereotypes, such as the ones listed in the Coffee Party Manifesto and others you have heard and read.  "I am an engineer."   "I don't follow NASCAR".  It doesn't have to be long.  And you may or may not be, say, a NASCAR fan or a college graduate -- doesn't matter.  Just tell the truth about the stereotypes you don't fit.

At the end, repeat "I am a Tea Partier".

Post it February 19, perhaps with a picture of yourself.  I am probably going to post the first ever picture of me on this blog where you can see my face.

You have about a week.

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