Sunday, February 07, 2010

Time for Tea - A Work In Progress

I'm an amateur photographer.  I've never tried this "still life" thing before ... but I'm getting this together.  Hopefully by the end of next week I'll have the final version.  This is the basic idea.

Lots of technical problems, and some compositional adjustments.  But I think it's cool so far.

Stay tuned for the final version.


model_1066 said...

Is that feather from a grouse?

Sheila said...

Cool doesn't even begin to describe it! I think it's fantastic! I love the feeling it evokes... it's relaxing and makes me wish I lived back during the time when this country was once a great nation under God.

philmon said...

I think it's either a hawk or a turkey. I found it probably over 20 years ago. I've had if forever.

Now that I mention "Turkey", I vaguely recall reading that originally the wild turkey was going to be our national symbol/bird.

Thanks for the compliment - I am playing with swapping out that particular book for an "older" looking one with The Federalist Papers title ... the wife feels, and I agree with her for the most part, that it looks too "new" to belong in the picture.

The book I have is a red canvas covered book, a bit worn, with brown pages... and I've stenciled the title in gold lettering. I'm having trouble with getting the reflection right so you can see the lettering. Like I said, this is my first try playing with lighting.

Hope to get it finished this week.

philmon said...

Apparently a turkey feather.

This one's in nicer shape.

philmon said...

Hey, Sheila, that is you! Haven't talked to you in forever.

I was just out reading your blog, and I'm very happy for you reaching the place you have in your life. That's awesome! Plus that was a really nice Valentine poem for your hubby.

I have lost your contact information -- feel free to drop me a line at I'll reply from my personal address if you do.