Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coffee Party Movement Redux

A few weeks ago I was made aware of the Coffee Party Movement when an acquaintance joined this group on facebook.

As I said here, it seemed pretty hypocritical spewing vitriol at the Tea Party Movement while claiming to be against hate.

Well another friend posted a statement on what the Coffee Party stood for, as he said it is not "Anti-Tea Party", but "we are against obstructionism and discourse of hatred."

So ... you're not "Anti-Tea Party", but you are against what the tea partiers have been accused of being in the progressive media, and the name you chose is an obvious reaction to the term "Tea Party".  "We're not against the Tea Party Movement, we're just against everything we think you are."  Got it.

I posted the link I had to the facebook page of "The Coffee Party" and said "well then it can't possibly be this group, can it?"   And he responded with a link to the CoffeePartyUSA site that also has a different facebook page, both with much less confrontational tones.

On the Coffee Party USA page, there is a mission statement
MISSION: The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.
This is the same vague, psuedo-positive-sounding trash that "Hope" and "Change" is.   With the obvious bent in progressive membership (watch the tweets, read the polls) in mind, let's dissect this a bit.

"Americans who want to see cooperation in government."  Well, of course, what American is against cooperation in government?  Who could be against that?  But it leaves out the question -- cooperation with what? 

"We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people."  An obvious reference to the originalist small-government bendt to the Tea Party Movement.  Well, you know, we're not anarchists over here.  Oh, I'm sure there are a few hanging out on the fringes.  But the vast majority of us are not.  So we don't think of the federal government as "the enemy of the people".   Actually, we recognize that the federal government is a tool, not an entity.  And like any tool, it can be abused by those who control it.  We believe that not only has that tool been abused, but the abusers have been slowly but steadily modifying that tool, "transforming" it into something quite different that can be much more easily abused, first by removing and/or circumventing the designed-in safety features, and then by adding on all sorts of cumbersome bells and whistles that really wreak havoc on its efficiency.  But I digress.  We were talking about the Coffee Party Movement.  But it's hard to talk about them without referencing the movement they are clearly reacting to.

but the expression of our collective will  News flash.  We were not designed as a collectivist society.  This is why people have come here in droves.  We are not a democracy.  We are a republic that uses democracy as a tool, but the limits to that democracy are well-defined in the Constitution.  "Collective will of the people" -- that's Socialist talk.  I'm not making this up or calling people names.  Read your history.

As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them. This one's a doozy.  It starts out with a subliminal suggestion (which came through the Progressive Media loudly until the Scott Brown win) that the Tea Party Movement is not a real grass roots movement.  But that's not really what's important here. 

we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions,  This is real handy when you get to define what a "positive" solution is and what is not.  Kind of like the peer review process in the AGW realm.  If you get to define away who is and who is not a peer so that only peers who agree with you are "peers", then "peer review" becomes meaningless.  Similary, "positive" means whatever the Coffee Party decides is a "positive" solution.

Another thing I should point out is that progressives always talk in terms of solutions, never trade-offs.  Intent is all that matters, because in the end progressivism is about feeling good about yourself.   When their solutions end in more and worse poverty, bankrupt nations, and limited health care options ... it's not their fault.  They meant well.  And besides, as long as everybody is equally miserable, it's "fair".

But the really creepy part is here:  and hold accountable those who obstruct them.  You know, like The Weather Channe's Heidi Cullen calling for the pulling of AMS accreditation of any meteorologist who disagreed with the manufactured "concensus" -- and the multiple calls for global warming deniers to be "tried" for crimes against humanity or even killed.  It's echoed in every socialist revolution.  Those who do not agree with us need to be silenced, imprisioned, or even killed. 

"Oh, but that's not what we mean."   Maybe not.  Maybe you haven't thought it through.  Maybe that's not what you mean right now.  But you'd go along with it as long as the guns weren't pointed at you.  And that's the way it works.

And as far as "progress" and its "obstruction" is concerned ... What if a bunch of people in government were for slavery, or imprisoning gays?  What if they really thought that was "moving forward"?  What would you then think about those who "obstructed" their "progress"?

We believe that the constant, progressive expansion of government is wrong because it takes tangible wealth from person A and gives it to person B regardless of the will of person A, even if person A has done nothing wrong.  That is theft.  That is robbery.  And it should not be taken lightly.  In addition to the fact that it is wrong, it also leads to undesirable consequences, and that has been shown all over the world as communist countries have collapsed one after the other, and the social democracies of Europe are collapsing under the weight of its un-funded progressive benevolence, and we see the U.S. following right behind like another lemming in the pack that was lucky enough to be far enough back in the pack to change our minds before we get to water's edge.  I hope.

We are not against charity.  We do care about little Sally Muckenfutch and the lady who wore her dead mom's teeth.  As a matter of fact, we are more charitable than liberal (progressives).  And there is a reason for that.  We believe that charity is the role of the individual, and not of the government.  It should be left to us to whom we give, when, and how much.   Otherwise, we egregiously violate the principles of Liberty.

In short, the Coffee Party Movement is just another pretty store front for progessives to get behind and sloganize in order to feel good about themselves.  It was started by progressives, of progressives, and for progressives.  It's purpose is intentionally vague, like the store fronts of most progressive movements, to fool as many people who wish to con themselves into believing they are the thinking people and getting behind.

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