Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still Don't Believe in Liberal Media Bias?

As Glenn Beck pointed out the other night. A tale of two Obituaries.  One started as a Democrat, then switched parties in 1964 to Republican.  The other, a life long Democrat.
One is famous for the longest fillibuster ever by a lone Senator -- against the 1957 Civil Rights Act (as an aside, if you do the math, which party was he with at the time?)

The other was a KKK member who had also recruited around 150 new KKK members.   He also fillibustered a Civil Rights Act, this one in 1964.  Both changed their position on race over the years to a more enlightened one.
In the end, one was a Democrat, the other -- a Republican, though don't make any mistake that I'm making apologies for either of them here... just wanted to point out the dichotomy.  The double standard.  Again.

Here are two obituaries, one for each man -- same newspaper. Same author.  One, a "foe of integration" -- the other, "a pillar of the Senate".

Which one do you think was the KKK member who recruited  ~150 people to the KKK.... an organization known for terrorizing and even killing blacks because of the color of their skin?  Which one did Bill Clinton excuse that membership because he was just "trying to get elected"?

If you answered "The Pillar of the Senate", move to the head of the class.  After all, he was a Democrat when he died.

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