Monday, April 18, 2011

Breaking Down the Breakdown

MoveOn.Org put out an "ad" of sorts... "Big Mike Breaks it down" or something like that.  Where some MoveOn-er shows us how cool he can "break it down" with the music, and then does a snarky "ad" where he breaks down the Budget fight telling us .... it's confusing, huh?  Not so much. So he says.  Fortunately, cock-sure Big Mike engages in misplaced condescension and blatant misdirection to soothe the NeoLib soul.

James from our local Tea Party group sent me the link and said "where's our slick video?"  I sent him Bill Whittle's.   But I felt Big Mike's needed a response.

So here's a video fisk by yours truly.  Because I had to.


tim said...

Wow, that was WAY too easy, that’s the best can come up with, the same ole, same ole “tax millionaires & billionaires” and everything will be fine…until we need to increase their taxes again…and again…and again…

Maybe Big Mike could go without a few meals and save a few bucks which he could send to PBS/Sesame Street.

philmon said...

He should probabaly disclose that he is the actual guy in the Big Bird outfit. :-)