Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never, No-How, Not EVER

Had a long argument with a commenter a while back about the Obama birth certificate issue.  His insistence was that Hawaii doesn't ever release the "long form" ever, never, ever, for any reason, to anyone (unless they change the law).  The "But the Bell Rang" defense.

Well as far as I can see, no laws were changed, especially in light of this.

And yet, here it is:

Was that so hard?  What was the big deal?  Why so much time and effort?


Cylarz said...

With all due respect, Phil...why does anyone care about this?

No, seriously, humor me. It's a little late, isn't it?

For three years now, I've been saying that even if the birth certificate issue is completely valid, it is not going to change anything.

Obama isn't going to admit to it and he isn't going to step down. Neither is he going to be impeached over it or otherwise removed.

I'm just sick of talking about it. It's a dead-end issue. Why can't we just focus on getting rid of him at the ballot box next year?

philmon said...

Yes, it is absolutely a little late. It's a lot late. And a lot of effort and money spent keeping it from happening late. Which is the only reason it's interesting.

It's like, why was it such a big deal if it wasn't a big deal?

We don't always talk about the most important issues of the day around here. Sometimes it's just things that make us go "hmmmmm."

And since I'd talked about it before and had that long drawn out discussion over it a couple of months ago ... I figured I should follow up and say "here it is. He released that thing that that several people argued that there was no way in the world he could ever get a hold of it himself, much less show it to anybody unless heaven and earth are moved and they change the law"...

Well, they were obviously wrong about that. And I was obviously right about that.

Sue me for gloating :-)

Severian said...

I remember being briefly involved in that "discussion" (which, as with all things involving leftist true believers, should really be called "a painful, raw-chafing, lotion-free circle jerk"). I think my one meager contribution was to suggest that I love the "birther" issue, since it shows up one of the left's unloveliest traits: they can't just say "this is silly, and you're silly for pushing it" and move on; oh, no -- they have to really rub our faces in how much smarter they are than everyone else, and so therefore the reasons Obama can't release his birth certificate have to be vast and super-complex and full of things like imaginary numbers and quantum functions.

You know, 'cause liberals are just that freakin' smart.

And whaddayaknow? Our Glorious God-King really was just being a prevaricating douche. No complex, super-duper, you-need-seven-advanced-degrees-to-even-begin-to-understand-it legerdemain. He simply felt that the suggestion He should release His pedigree to be lese majeste.

I eagerly await apologies from all the....

oh, wait. Liberalism means never being wrong. About anything. Ever.

Ah well....