Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I Found a New Word: "Toxification"

Well, it's new to me, anyway.

While researching the issues of the 10th amendment and nullification, a panel member on a video I was watching was referring to the charges of "Neo-Confederate!!!!!" or "Raaaaaaaaaacist!!!" that are hurleld back at you as soon as you bring it up in the presence of a neoliberal.  (Ha!  I also just made a new word.  "Neo-Liberal"  ... to contrast with "Classical Liberal".  I like it.  I shall use it henceforth!)

Of course, this word, "Toxification" ultimately is just one of the methods neoliberals employ to get you to Shut Up.  It occurred to me that this method is used not only to keep people from talking, but also to keep people from listening.

What has been "toxified" by the Left?  Things like:
  • Fox News
  • Talk Radio
  • Tea Party
  • Christian
  • States' Rights
Over the weekend my future daughter-in-law was reading news on her phone and mentioned it was from "Fox News".  That same family member we've brought up before piped up and said "You're reading Fox News?   Oh, no!"

Followed by the "I hate any biased reporting" ... completely ignoring the fact that she'd cut out an article by E.J. Dionne to send to a friend.)

People "toxify" things to keep you from referring to or defending them.  Or even from checking them out at all.


nightflyblog said...

Whenever someone recoils at the mention of Fox News, I like to say, "Well, I'm just reading the news part."

Whitehawk said...

When you are unable to rebuttle the argument, discredit the witness or source. Fox is allowing the conservative view point and it is persuasive.

When an opponent's volume goes up it leads me to think their argument is weak.- John Lennox