Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sharing the Pain

I ran across a cool blog today.  I'm a bit of a vinyl geek, and a music junkie.  And this guy at Recordo Obscura has some pretty neat stuff.  And some pretty awful stuff.  And yes, I have been known in the past to pick up an album just because it is an example of something awful.  It's almost like "I'd better buy it, because it's SO bad if I told anybody about it they'd think I was making it up!"

But oh... this is a gem.  It's an album of songs about how wonderful Unions are.  Here's a contest.  I made it 30 seconds before I had to stop it. Ok, 36 because I was almost to paralyzed by its awfulness before I could shut it off by clicking "pause".  I was shuddering like Kramer on Seinfeld.  It was like listening to a train wreck.  To some Soviet Marching tune.

With songs like

ILGWU Anthem
The Northeast
Little Machine
Join With Us
This Is A Strike
They Can't Win
Mr. Boss
There Has Come A New Day
It's So Different With A Union
Grow, Grow
... and that's just side 1 -- just ... oh my. 

Sorry, but misery does love company. :-)

Hearty hat tip to Mark the Wondergeek for unearthing that disturbing post.

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