Friday, April 08, 2011

The Change Worshipers

Progressives do not like "ideology".   It is one of the words they have toxified over the years.

Which is, of course, ludicrous, because ideology is the best reason for doing anything.  I mean, aren't they the ones always saying "be true to yourself" and other such platitudes?  If you're not living your ideology, you're not being true, man.  And politics is all about ideology.  Why would we expect anything else?

But of course there are good ideologies.  And there are better ideologies.  And there are flawed ideolgies.  And really badly flawed ideologies.  And there are even evil ideologies.

But once again, like "hate" and "racist", it's newspeak.  "Ideology" is now a substitute for "irrational".  One could see how a progressive might make that connection, since theirs is. :-)   But it's probably done subconsciously.  They've basically taken words that mean one thing, and rolled up a whole bunch of other things in it, thus obfuscating the meaning. They then repeatedly use them in the context of "ungood", and voila!  Toxified.

And that's just it.  If you read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, he talks about change as if it is an end in itself.   I'm not kidding, and they do use that word "Change™" as a sacred word.  Thus "Change™" is an ideology. "Transform™ and "Transformation™" are two other words they use pretty much interchangably with "Change ™" and it all means "Revolution".  It's right there in the book.  "But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow."   I used to think that was a slam on Mao and Communism, but I don't think that's what John meant.  It basically meant if you want a revolution, you have to be subtle about it, or the resistance will be heavier.  Alinsky too this to heart.  And to the bank.

Everybody wants change.   All those vague polls that ask "Do you think the country is headed in the right direction?"   no matter who is president, no matter who's in congress.... it's always well over 50% think it is not headed in the right direction. But it's the loss of the American Spirit of "Yes I Can", thanks in large part to the Government telling us "no you can't, and it's not your fault.  We're here to help."  They say Change™ and we hear change.  The change each individual wants.  Which are often in conflict with what the guy standing next to him wants.   But change.  My change.  That's not so bad.  There are lots of things I'd like changed.  But none of it is going to be fixed by the government outside of the government getting out of the way.

It's not a revolution.  We're transforming.  Like a butterfly.  Pretty butterfly.  Don't you like pretty things?

Of course, "ideology" basically sums up what you think the world should be.   And they like to say they are non-ideological.  Which, of course, is a part of their oxymoronic ideology. Even their self ascribed title, "Progressive" implies that they know what is good (and thus what is not good).   "Moving forward".  Forward toward what?  Who gets to say which way is forward?  Especially since "forward" implies "the right way to go", which is all tied up in .... you guessed it, ideology.

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Whitehawk said...

Liberals/progressives are in a constant effort to control language, words and discourse. You have to hand it to them they are doing pretty well at making themselves look cool, wise and worthy of complete trust. Their strategy falls apart when they actually have to defend their "ideology" in the arena of ideas. Keep exposing them to the light of day!