Friday, April 08, 2011

So You Still Say It's Not a Revolution?

People pick at the Tea Party and Glenn Beck, specifically, for "fear mongering" when they talk about the leftist revolution that is taking place.  Beck plays clip after clip of influential people on the left who are typically intimately tied to the current administration, and ask his audience "what more do you want"?

Enter a recent op-ed in the Huffington Post by Andy Stern, former SEIU President.  Mr. "Workers of the World Unite is not just a slogan anymore."  That same SEIU that shared offices with ACORN (both of which Wade Rathke started).  ACORN, for whom Obama taught and provided legal council.  Stern, who was the White House's most frequent vistor for the first two years of Obama's presidency.

American democracy has layers of power and responsibility, which James Madison rationalized in Federalist, no. 51 as a check against possible tyrannical rule. Our Founding Fathers saw fit to divide power between two strata -- state and federal. Then, within the federal structure, they codified a trifurcation of power to ensure that no single branch came to dominate government; and while power has ebbed and flowed between branches, the system of checks and balances has provided stability, and kept tyrannical rule at bay.

Now, however, in the midst of the transformative change of globalization and this third economic revolution, those layers have become an impediment to making the changes necessary to keep America competitive in the world economy. Today, America crawls along at a snail's pace.
Translation:  The Constitution stands in the way of our revolution.

Understand, "transformation" and "change" are calculated, soft-speak for "revolution".  It's all over their literature going way back, not the least of which is "Rules for Radicals".  "Change" = "Transformation" = "Revolution".   And "Transformative Change" ... just another way of putting it.

When we say that they don't like the Constitution. Or "I don't worry too much about the Constitution". That they, in fact, are trying to change America into something very un-American ... we are dismissed as "extremist" crackpots. And they just continue to say these things, out in the open, and they've set the environment to where few in the media (the strongest being Mr. Beck) will call them on it.


tim said...

As Beck says, “Why are there not congressional hearings on this?”

Any idea what he means by “third economic revolution”? What were the first two? The New Deal?

BTW, Philmon, I going to have the opportunity to meet Glenn next Sat. at his last tour date.

philmon said...

"BTW, Philmon, I going to have the opportunity to meet Glenn next Sat. at his last tour date"

Very cool. Give him a heigh-de-ho from me. Well at least a mental one. I'll have to wait and see it on Insider Extreme.

My guess is "New Deal", "Great Society", and now the "Obamanation".

Severian said...

Think like Marxists, gents -- the three are: slavery, industrial capitalism, globalization.

Lenin once wrote a treatise on Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism. Something tells me that you could do a find-and-replace on that sucker, swapping "globalization" for "imperialism," and produce large swathes of prose indistinguishable from No Logo, Empire (or whatever that Antonio Negri book is called), The Nation's editorial page, etc.