Monday, April 11, 2011

A Stretch

A friend recently asked me if I knew if the News Media was unionized.  Good question. I did find a Newspaper Guild.   Found one of their newsletters on line.  And in it, I saw this:

The Civil War was also about labor, and unions

Mark Gruenberg - Press Associates, Inc. - 08 Apr 2011
One hundred fifty years ago this month, on April 12, 1861, the Civil War officially began when Southern troops fired on Fort Sumter, the U.S. fort in the middle of the Charleston, S.C., harbor. In some ways, the Civil War could be seen as a war about workers -- and work. The war pitted one society based on “free soil, free labor and free men,” to use a political slogan of the times, against another based on slave labor.
Say, what?

This illustrates two things I've noticed over the years.  The Left are, ahem, "masters" at rationalization, and they're proud of it.  Large Latitude Logic Leapers, they are.  The other is this propensity to tie every cause to a cause upon which everyone agrees -- to try to put it under the same umbrella of inassailability.  Non-Union workers in a free market are ... slaves.  Got it?

Update: Oh, here's a new one.  Congressman Ed Markey (D) - Mass:

"... yesterday, they [the GOP] they passed a resolution to repeal -- the FCC's ability to ensure the openness of the internet." [..]

"So as time ticked down on Friday afternoon, the Republicans in Congress were trying to shut down the internet and the Federal government simultaneously."
Wow.  Republicans were trying to shut down the internet (by repealing regulations on it designed to let the government police content ... thus making it "more free" ... ??? ) -- which I'm sure would make all of their "greedy corporate sponsors" happy indeed!

He went on to say that the GOP is not only trying to destroy the World Wide Web, but "The Whole Wide World" as well.   Ah, discourse.

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