Friday, April 08, 2011

Oddball Anniversary 44,454

Some bloggers post milestones and anniversaries.   Up until the last ... oh, year, there hasn't been much on those lines to post about here. 

I've often thought about waiting until the stat-counter rolls over an even number (lots of zeroes and a high-level digit change).  But I recently got curious about how long I have been around, and what my anniversary would be.  So I went back and checked.  We just missed celebrating our 8th anniversary here a week ago last Sunday.  And we're  (after this post) 27 posts away from 2,000, I just saw.

I started this thing mostly as a place to work out my thoughts, to vent, and maybe to start ripples that other, more popular blogs would pick up and spread further.  All of them have been important to me.  That third thing doesn't happen often, explicitly, but it has happened.  And when it has, it's been an idea I would have wanted to spread far and wide. And even if it doesn't happen in a more blatant way, I hope something someone read here will stick in their head, and this will happen:

(note: there's a sequel commercial that is fitting if someone happens to correct one of my facts.)

So anyway,  I suppose it's serving its purposes.

I can't remember exactly when I stuck the stat counter on here.  It was several years ago, but I don't know that it was at the beginning.  Still, considering the microscopic number of hits I was getting back then, "44,454" probably isn't too far off.

I'd say at least half of those have been in the last two years, maybe 18 months.  Things have picked up significantly around here, and I have some regular commenters like "small tee" tim, cylarz, severian, and of course ... Morgan, my oldest innernettubes friend from the blogger world.

It looks to me like about 20 people make it a point to stop by here about every day. And another 20-40 more random visitors drop by in addition to that. Sometimes we'll get a huge spike when one of those ideas I talked about above gets picked up by someone else, but it usually settles back down to a level maybe one or two readers higher after that. I'm good with that. I'm no Plato. Maybe Pla-Doh :-)   But it's still good for me, even if nobody reads it.
"Yes it's quite insane
I think it hurts my brain
But it cleans me out
And then I can go on"
              -- Jimmy Buffett

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Severian said...

Happy anniversary!