Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Front page of yesterday's paper, at the bottom.

Disturbances Prompt Diversity Effort at Stephens College

I glanced down at it on the counter, and rolled my eyes.  Here we go again.  Then I read the story.   A girl grabbed another girl's hair from behind and pounded the back of the victim's head with her fist 4 or 5 times.  Race isn't mentioned until later in the story, although the name of the alleged perp provided a decent tip-off early. 

But when it mentioned race, it was brought out that both girls are black.   Which is fine.  Girls will be girls, and I'm sure white girls and asian girls and all kinds of girls from all over the world have physically assaulted each other.  

Now the college president "stressed the diversity effort is not about race but about treating one another with respect".

Uh huh.

If this were two white girls, would it have prompted a "Diversity Effort"?  No.
If it were black on white, would it have? Maybe.
If it were white on black, would it have?  Oh yeah, and a whole lot more.

Which begs the question ... why is it that black on black prompted this "Diversity Effort"?

The best answer I can come up with is deliberately distract us from the fact that it was a black on black assault.  Why?  Because it doesn't fit the narrative.   Whites beat up minorities.  Whites are the perps, minorities are the victims.  That's the narrative.  We mustn't dilute the narrative.

In reality, it was a just fight involving two girls.   The fact that it prompted a "Diversity Effort" is probably the sole reason it ended up in the paper in the first place.   White neoliberals are so hyper-sensitized to race, they trample each other to get out front and publicly flog themeselves at the Altar of Political Correctness.  And apparently they'll do this even when no whites were involved.  Their little brains have been twisted to the point where they probably think "they" caused this.

Race will no longer be a big deal in this country the day we stop making a big deal out of it.


tim said...

I have a solution; at the next town hall meeting demand that the white college president resign to promote her diversity effort.

Love to see her argue with that logic. Careful what ya' ask for, Sweetums.

Severian said...

Oh, she's "diverse" enough, tim. It honestly wouldn't occur to her that she's not "diverse." That's the most insidious thing about this racket -- you'd find a lot more honest-to-God diversity in the backwoodsiest redneck bar in the South on a Saturday night than you would in the typical university faculty lounge, even though everyone there subscribes to at least three trendy ethnicities and/or sexual practices and has their hyphens calibrated down to the micro-micro-micro-level.

[For the record, I'm a left-handed Micronesian-American lesbian Wiccan. Also disabled. Yet somehow I never get grant money...]